Friday, October 12, 2012

Spinning for speed!

Trying to build speed up. I setup the trainer as close to "real world" as I could get it and then I think did pretty good maintaining a decent speed.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First ride with my Garmin Edge 500

You may be asking yourself, what's a Garmin Edge 500...Well The "Edge" is a Cycling GPS unit that allows the user (Me) to track, store, and analyze important data such as speed/pace, cadence/rpm's, heart rate bpm, and a host of other data.
My first ride I was surprised at my consistency. My cadence was an average 91 RPM's which the pro's say 90 is optimal. My heart rate hbm averaged at 167 or so which is about 90% of my max bpm. Click on the details link below to see the data if you are interested.



I just have to rail and vent on some of the stupid people I see on Craigslist (CL) selling their "slightly" used bikes. Really, how big of an asshole does one have to be to spend $1500 - $5000 on a bike, use it once and then sell it because they don't like it?! Could they not have tried maybe a decent used bike off of CL for less than $500 or even buy a decent model Schwinn brand new for less than $500.

I don't get it. I see these asshats everyday on CL trying to sell their multi-thousand dollar bike on CL for retail prices or near retail prices because they found they don't like the sport and now for some reason that is unfathomably an emergency they do not possibly expect the browser to understand must sell this new glorious bike immediately or else all hell will rain down upon them.

I mean, let's get real here, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt before I purchased my bikes, I really wanted to ride. I knew the work it takes to not just ride but to become a cyclist. It is hard. You must want to do it. So did these asshats just have a few thousand laying around and decide what the fuck, I'm gonna buy a bike today. Ahhh shit, this is too hard, I think I'm gonna sell it now.

Ex. - 2 year old bike - Less than 500 miles. Really? 500 miles is like 2 months of riding.

Ex. - Bought a couple months ago. Rode less than a mile! WTF!

Ex. - 2 year old bike with less than 100 miles on it - but the owner goes on to explain how smooth and awesome the ride is. I have to ask...HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW HOW SMOOTH AND AWESOME THE RIDE IS?!

Ex. - Another 2 year old bike with less than a 100 miles on it....

Do you get my point?!

I'm out.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

2013 BP MS150 - It's coming!

The BP MS150 Registration begins this week! In order to ride I have to pay my registration fee ($100) plus raise a minimum of $400 in additional contributions. Before I register I am asking for donation commitments in order to secure the $400 minimum needed to ride.

Where the money goes - My $100 registration fee goes toward all the ride necessities. For instance, rest stops with food, water and gatorade, overnight campsite with tents, showers, etc.. Basically, the entry fee's support everything about the ride.

Your donation goes to the MS150 charity fund - and it is 100% tax deductible as well.

If you can commit early, that would be great. Send me an email at with your commitment amount. Thank you everyone!

- Don

Saturday, October 6, 2012

What a workout!

Just finished what I will call one of my best rides to date. I put forth a lot of effort into this ride in maintaining speeds around 19-22 MPH but got slowed by some heavy traffic spots that brought my average down. Still though, I am proud of this one.