Friday, August 31, 2012

It's been a while...

Well, it has been a while since I posted last. Work has been somewhat busy and it has been hot as heck so I haven't been riding as much as I should have. Also, they have been doing construction on our main road so it is difficult to ride without trucking the bike somewhere else.

The good news is that I was able to pick up a trainer for cheap so I can ride indoors. It's a little boring to ride indoors, but it beats nothing. I still dress out and get everything ready like I am riding outside, but I ride much shorter - only 30-45 minutes high intensity.

Here's some random photo's :)

Hiking back to a paved trail (1.5 mile hike carrying my bike)
Riding after a rain

Just some mud. I like to take pictures.

My Trainer - Travel Trac Mag +

My trainer setup
Me taking a self pic pretending its not me taking a self pic. 

See you soon!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

TourdeCure - Please get your donations in!

The Houston TourdeCure is coming up quickly and I am way short of meeting my money raising goal. I would like to thank everyone that has donated for this worthy cause thus far, I really appreciate it.

I am asking for those of you who can afford to give a little to click the link below (or the image above) and give as little or as much as you can afford, no donation is too small.

So far $230.00 has been donated, so THANK YOU!!!.

Link ->>      TourdeCure Donation Page for Donald McDade

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hit the Road for Better Health

So my boss (and riding buddy) Tony and I made the GE Healthcare newsletter this week. We were actually interviewed a few weeks ago, but I kept it secret..shhhh. Here's the email/newsletter about us!

Its fitting that this was released as I officially reach 3 Months SMOKE FREE! (92 days!)

Hit the Road for Better Health

If you’re looking to improve your health, try hopping on a bike. As two men in the Central Zone have learned, the hobby we enjoyed as kids can help us feel a little younger.

For Tony Richard, it started while he was shopping with his wife the first weekend in March. Bored, he sat down at a blood pressure machine and tried it out. “I didn’t like what I saw. When we got home, I stepped on the scale. I decided at that time to do something about it.”

After a couple of weeks of just eating better, the weight started coming off but he knew he needed more. “It has to be diet and exercise,” says Tony. So he dusted off his old mountain bike in mid-March.

Donald McDade took up biking to help break his smoking habit. “May 3rd was the day I quit,” he says. Knowing he had lost focus in his past attempts to stop smoking, he wanted something else to occupy his time. “A week later I picked up my first bike and I’ve been going ever since.”

They soon discovered they shared the hobby and have become biking buddies. Both now have street and mountain bikes and ride together weekly.

By the Fourth of July, Tony, CAMS DOS for the South Central Region in the Central Zone in Houston, had dropped 55 pounds. Donald, an FE in Houston, says biking has helped him stay away from cigarettes and has greatly improved his conditioning. “I’m leagues beyond where I was,” says Donald. “My chest doesn’t hurt and I can breathe better. I have a lot more energy and don’t get tired in the middle of the day.” It also led him to start eating a bit better and he dropped 10 pounds in less than three months.

Starting slow was the key for both men when they took up biking. “My first trip was five or six miles and I thought that was pretty good,” says Tony. “It took me a while and I was winded, but you have to start slow. Five miles turned into 10, then 20.”

Then 100 miles in about 5 hours, something he accomplished on the last day of June. “Saturday is my long ride day,” he says. That normally means 50 or 60 miles. But on this day he got to a fork in the road; to the right was a 75 mile trip, left meant a 100 mile trip. “I turned left.”

Donald isn’t up to that yet, but he and Tony are registered for a 100-mile American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure fundraising ride on September 22. They did Donald’s first 50-mile ride together on July 7.

Tony rides a couple of times a week for about 30 miles; around two hours. But that much riding isn’t necessary to see the benefits. “I saw the weight coming off doing five or 10 miles a couple of times a week,” says Tony. “I was losing about a pound every two days and I wasn’t starving myself, just eating right.”

Donald rides five times a week for about an hour. “When I started, an hour would get me about ten miles. After a couple of months, I now ride from 15 to 20 miles in an hour and I’m not tired afterwards.”

Both have found biking to be more than a way of meeting a single goal of quitting smoking or losing weight. “It’s about getting healthy and getting in shape,” both say.

What does it take to start? Just get on a bike and start peddling.