Friday, September 7, 2012

Helmets work!

Last night I went out for my first ride with the Woodlands Cycling Club. I got to meet a few of the riders, but there were too many to meet in one night - they were all nice and welcoming and I look forward to many more rides with them.

Anyhow, just a few miles into our ride a guy named Mike, who was very nice to me btw, took a nasty spill. By nasty I mean knocked unconscious for 2-3 minutes. It happened just ahead of me but it was just far enough ahead were I didn't see him actually go down so I thought someone had a flat tire since a few riders were standing around the side of the road. As I got closer I saw Mike laying off the side of the road not moving. At that point I thought he got hit by a car. It was then I found out he had hit a loose road reflector and it had sent his front tire out from under him causing the tire to slip off the pavement which in turn his bike just completely went out from under him. His helmet took the full force of impact.

By the time Mike woke up we already had the ambulance on the way. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the helmet, but a brief description will have to do. He landed on the front left side of the helmet centered above the left temple and left eye and then towards the top of the head from there. It is all smashed, cracked, and a total loss. His head in theat area was like a bruised apple or orange, blackish with a nasty cut to go with it. I'm thinking he is happy he was wearing a helmet.

Mike made it to Conroe Regional last night and I am waiting to here a report on the clubs forums, but I think he'll be O'k. He's probably more worried about the bent top tube on his bike more than anything. I hope he's o'k though, he is a nice guy afterall.

Oh, Mike was wearing his RoadID also. When the ambulance got there I pointed it out to the crew as Mike was still groggy. If you don't have your RoadID yet, GET ONE! (RoadID Link in the side bar)