Saturday, July 7, 2012

Half Century - Goal Completed

Today I went riding with my friend Tony; we had a 40 mile ride planned out. About 30 miles into the ride I decided to try 50 miles (yea, I know right). Being the mad man Tony is, he agreed to push me along (more like pull me along). When we hit 40 miles I was happy as a clam, I hadn't biked that distance since I was in my teens. At 45 miles I was like wtf am I doing? At 48 mile's I was anxious to finish and had a short energy boost...very short. At 49 miles I was cursing myself for wanting to try 50; at this point I'm just trying to keep my speedometer above 17.3 mph to maintain an average speed over 17 mph. At 50 miles, I was in total agony as I was expecting to be done and there was still another mile to go! Finally we clocked in 51.01 miles and none to soon!

Here's a snapshot of our ride. The distance between the dots = 1mile and we started and finished at the dot with the halo.