Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's been a wet week!

What happened to the drought?

It's been raining on and off all week! Monday night I went out on my trail bike to ride the trails here at Timberlane and the storms from last week had wrecked every trail I tried to go down. No kidding, every trail I had to turn around because of down tree's.

When I finally gave up and came out of the woods, I ran into a couple of young kids and we went back in and lifted/pushed about 10 tree's off of the main trail in just a 1 1/2 miles in. We then an into another guy, more my age, who was in there with his three kids, two were probably 4-6 years old and the third an infant. He was back there with a hack saw and a hand saw. I grabbed his extra saw and cut up a few smaller tree's and we made some new paths around the bigger ones. So yea, that ride turned into a workout, and the trail is still a mess for many more miles.

Tonight I did some interval training on my 14 mile loop. I'm striving for the 25 mph mark but my max on flat land is 22.7 mph. I don't feel bad though as I haven't been riding for long and 25 mph isn't too far off.

For those who don't know what interval training is, it's basically going all out reaching your max heart beats per minute (HBP) and maintaining that HBP for a certain amount of time, than easy cruising at a lower HBP for recovery' repeat 4 to 8 times. My average speed is around 17 mph, so in intervals I am reaching and sustaining the 22+ mph for 2:30 minutes then I cycle easy for about 5 minutes at 15 mph; repeating 5 times right now.

I am lucky to be in the medical field! Before I quit smoking I often monitored my heartbeat of which it was always 90-96 beats per minute. Yesterday I measured it after 7 weeks of not smoking and I am now down to 60-65 beats per minute!!! I may live after all!

Oh and a funny story from tonight...
As I was riding down FM1960, about 6 miles from returning home, I heard the dreaded pffffffffffffffffffffffffft! I thought, oh crap, I got a flat! I wasn't happy mostly because it was about a mile walk to get into an area with some light (it was dark). My bike light is of such intensity that I have to be rolling before I turn it on as it requires moving air for cooling or it will burn-up and die. Anyways, crap, I stopped quickly and felt both of my tires and they were hard as rocks. I was like WTF?! So I turned my bike around to shine the light where I had been and see what I ran over...guess was a dang It wasn't big, but I guess it didn't really appreciate being ran over. I guess I had assumed it was a small twig and just went over it. Poor snake :)