Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Every now and then you come across a story that is remarkable and inspiring.

I came across an older story today of a man named Scott Cutshall. who in 2005 tipped the scales at 501 lbs and was limited to watching people outside through his window. I think most of us would consider Scott to be just another obese person of America, which he was, although the article explains that he was relatively large from early childhood and his continuous food binges only escalated the problem.

Looking out his window one day Scott saw a cyclist ride by and then looked for the cyclist every day after that. Aside from Doctor warnings about imminent death and the ability to lose the weight on his own, Scott became obsessed with cycling; he couldn't even ride a bike because of his weight though. Scott spent countless hours researching bikes and finally found someone to make him a custom bike that would support his weight without the frame cracking under this weight. 

Once Scott got his custom made bike, he rode one mile a day until over the course of 2 years we was riding over a hundred miles a day. His family even moved across country to support his new cycling health and habit.

Scott went from over 500 lbs to 180 lbs in two years of cycling. A truly amazing story and one worth reading (Link below).

I Lost 320 Pounds Riding a Bike!

Scott Cutshall also has a daily blog, not all about cycling though. A lot of content is about music and other stuff. It's an enjoyable read with a lot of laughter sprinkled throughout.

Large Fella on a Bike

Good job Scott, very remarkable!

This story is inspirational to me because like Scott struggled with weight and eating for years when he knew he needed to get healthy, I as well have struggled with quitting smoking to become healthy. For 20 years I wanted to smoke; I liked it. Then for 5 years I wanted to quit and failed the few times I tried. This time, like Scott, I know it's the right time, am fully committed, and have found an obsession in cycling to get my health back and lose/control my weight.