Friday, May 30, 2014

Proper Skewer Tension

A couple days ago, a question was raised on Google+ Bicycle Maintenance community about proper skewer tension. Proper skewer tension is a balance between mechanical ability to keep your wheels attached to your bike (safety) and not damaging the skewers, skewer threads or even your hub.

After a little research into this topic across different bicycle, hub, and skewer manufacturers I have discovered the proper way to set the proper tension on your skewers.

1. Place the skewer cam in the adjustment position (Cam lever should be pointing straight out from the hub)

2. With the cam lever in the adjustment position, tighten the opposite side nut until it is finger tight.
3. To lock the skewer in position, place the cam lever in the palm of your hand and using the fork for leverage lock the cam. The cam should not be able to lock in position without using leverage. If you do not need leverage to close the cam start at step one again.

4. Enough force should be required in locking the cam in position that it leaves an imprint on your palm.

I hope this helps some people. There is all kinds of mixed information out there on the internet and some could cause real damage to your bike. The above information is taken directly from manufacturer websites and thus is the proper procedure for insuring your tires are on securely and at proper tension.