Thursday, May 22, 2014

Been a while since the last update...

So what have I been up to? I've been riding my MTB quit a bit. I'm trying to do 30-50 miles of trail riding a week right now. I'm of to a strong start though so hopefully I can keep it up. Work has me traveling over the next 2 months so that kinda sucks and will slow me down a bit. Now for some news...

My buddy Pat - Pat and I were riding in the Kingwood dirt trails one night when Pat decided to take off and starting running through some high grass on the Bayou right-a-way. I was on the packed dirt so easily overtook him then next think I hear is a "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......" and as I turn around, it's just in time to see his back wheel over his head and his face impacting the ground. OUCH!. Because he was riding in the tall grass he didn't see the 2 foot wide crevice that was about 4-5 feet deep - but his front tire found it for him luckily enough...ha ha. Anyway's Pat tore his rotator cuff and his ego, but he's healing nicely and we just started riding again although mostly easy trails while he continues to heal.

Woodlands Cycling Club ( - I don't think I've shared this but I am the 2014 Woodlands Cycling Club Vice President. Everything has been going great with the club. Membership is up and we are striving to make MTB a strong part of the club - but there is only a few of us as the club is mostly road bikers. If you are interested in Group rides and joining the club and being part of our MTB chapter hit me up. Our website is Membership is cheap!The club has monthly meetings and gives out at least $1000 - 1300 in door gifts every month. These gifts are mostly tailored to the road biker but there is useful stuff for MTB as well. Some of the gifts include at least two - 3 sets of tires valued at $150 or so per set. Good ass tires too. All our gifts are provided by our #1 Sponsor BikeLane of the Woodlands. If we can get more MTB riders at the meetings then we can hit our sponsor up for door prizes for the MTB crowd as well.

GHORBA ( - So I just started talks with GHORBA (Greater Houston Off Road Biking Association) about becoming the Trail Steward for Cypress Creek Hike and Bike trails that are in my subdivision. The trails cover about 7 miles of single-track in the main park and another 3-5 miles of double-track on what used to be the old railroad property. I've already been helping maintain the trails by removing fallen tree's and the like so we'll see where it goes. Website -

Bike Maintenance - So I've become the group repair shop for all my buddies. I have just about all tools I need except for a truing stand and maybe one or two major things that I would rather leave to my local bike shop mechanic. But, I can maintain everything on my bike now with the exception of truing wheels and suspension rebuilds. I have just about every necessary hand tool and am only needing a KHS chain separator and that's only a convenience tool. I was thinking of making some video's for the club, but there's already a bunch on youTube. Maybe the club would like to see one of its own in some video's??? I'll continue to ponder it...

WANT A NEW BIKE! - Don't get me wrong, I love my 2012 Cannondale 29er Trail SL4 but I need a more agile bike. There are times you just need a full suspension bike to ride some of the trails around here. My bike handles well on the trails I ride but I want to ride harder trails that require more control such as the Anthill's, Double Lakes and Huntsville. You can ride them with a hardtail like mine, but it definitely is a rough ride.

I've been looking at Craigslist but even the cheapest used full suspension bikes are out of my financial grasp. I love the Cannondale brand but damn are they pricey! I'm not looking at top of the line bikes but I could definitely use a Cannondale Rush 29 2 (MSRP $1840) or a Cannondale Rush 29 1 (MSRP $2170), but could probably get it at my local bike shop for less if they had them in stock. I think they are only carrying Scalpel's though which are a bit more pricey starting at MSRP $3250. If anyone wants to by a bike for me or donate money for one that would be fricking awesome...ha ha...seriously though....I want second bike.

Here's some pics! These are pics of my bike. It is just turning two years old and its still in great shape. I maintain it thoroughly and do all the mechanical work myself. These are after a wash.